my soundcould reached over 1k plays. I think I might need to do something special for dis. watch out for new tunes, or some kind of audio/video presentation of some sorts.

I rode ~30 miles after work on Monday, and felt amazing, arguably the strongest I’ve ever felt. I napped for an hour yesterday and then got sick. It’s funny how much can change in 24 hours.

Fuck the man.

In the Philippines the gay lingo is almost its own language. A lot of the slang words and phrases in the gay community are very sassy and stretched out…By sassy I mean have some pop culture and maybe touch on the film/arts/fashion/travel/luxury.

An example would be: Regular Tagalog - Aantok ako (I’m sleepy/I’m getting sleepy) Gay Tagalog - Aantokyo Japan or Aantokyo (It sounds like the regular phrase but adds “Tokyo Japan” to it because the original phrase sounds like it has a “Tokyo” in it)

Another would be: Regular Tagalog - Gutom ako (I’m hungry) Gay Tagalog - Gutom Jones ako (They get “I’m hungry” and then add Tom Jones to it…other substitutions are Gutom Ford after the fashion designer or Gutom Cruise named after Maverick).

source: my exgf’s brother and most of their friends are gay.

reddit on homosexual lingo in cultures.