Fuck the man.

In the Philippines the gay lingo is almost its own language. A lot of the slang words and phrases in the gay community are very sassy and stretched out…By sassy I mean have some pop culture and maybe touch on the film/arts/fashion/travel/luxury.

An example would be: Regular Tagalog - Aantok ako (I’m sleepy/I’m getting sleepy) Gay Tagalog - Aantokyo Japan or Aantokyo (It sounds like the regular phrase but adds “Tokyo Japan” to it because the original phrase sounds like it has a “Tokyo” in it)

Another would be: Regular Tagalog - Gutom ako (I’m hungry) Gay Tagalog - Gutom Jones ako (They get “I’m hungry” and then add Tom Jones to it…other substitutions are Gutom Ford after the fashion designer or Gutom Cruise named after Maverick).

source: my exgf’s brother and most of their friends are gay.

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